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What Your 10 Month Old Needs!

With Rome being my 4th baby, I really felt like I knew what was out there and already had everything I needed for him. But boy was I wrong. These items are amazing and perfect for him at his age right now. And the best part, they are from amazon! I think every parent needs to be equipped spiritually but also physically. As a mommy of four, I am always trying to find the best products to make my life a little easier and my children happier. Check out the products below and see how much we are loving them!

High chair toy

This toy is amazing! It suction cups to the tray on the high chair to help avoid it being thrown off. It lights up and makes noises! It's the perfect distraction when I am trying to cook dinner. It is also easily moved to the floor or wherever he is playing.

Baby Walker l

I have used a lot of walkers throughout the years, but this one is so amazing! This is the first walker I have used that is actually sturdy and allows the baby to push/move it. Majority of the walkers I have used, tip over very easy or basically pulls my baby down. This one gives a lot of control and has blocks, songs and lights up!

Best Sleep Sack

Who likes the weighted blanket feel? This sleep sack is seriously such great quality! It has a heavy feeling to it, which helps Rome sleep extra long and gives him the comfort that I am still right there with him.

Disposable Placemats

I think any mama can enjoy knowing their baby is eating off of a clean surface. These mats are perfect to take to restaurants, or even great to use at your house if you are planning on having a big mess! They make cleaning a breeze and gives mama some ease.

ABC Scripture book

Your kids are never to young to learn their ABC's or the Word of God. My ABC scripture book does both of those! It teaches them their alphabet and also gives them a scripture to go with that letter. It's a 2 in1!

Two Pack Footsie Pajamas

This home loves pajamas! These footsie pajamas are PERFECT for a mobile little one. The footsies has the rubber bottoms so your baby can still move around and try to walk without slipping.

Best Pocket Baby Bibs

I have tried a few different brands of these pocket bibs, but these are seriously the best! They actually catch the food, so easy to clean, and great quality. I seriously use these for every snack and meal!

Raising Little Warriors for the Kingdom of God takes everyone! Of course it starts with us parents, but everyone else that is involved or comes into contact with each kid has the opportunity to impact them in a positive or negative way. I would love to challenge everyone, rather you are a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, or maybe even a friend, to make it a goal to sow a positive seed into a child's life. Share the word of God with them, say something special about them, gives them a hug, or buy them a special gift. I know the harvest will come with each seed we sow.

"So let's not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don't give up" Galatians 6:9

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