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Gift Ideas - Part 3 (For Kids Ages 3-4)

We are back with another gift idea post. This one is perfect for kids ages 3-4. But honestly, great for younger and older kids as well! I love that most of these gifts are perfect for their little brains and to use their imagination! Some are also perfect to get their bodies moving too.

Magnetic Tiles:

These have been a long time favorite! I have been using these since my first son was a toddler, and we still have them in our home. They are so fun, and perfect for motor skills, imagination and problem solving. I absolutely love these!

Animal Pattern Puzzle:

You can never go wrong with puzzles. I love this one because it's matching patterns, and really allows the child to think to a different level of what could match with each puzzle.

Wooden Tool Set:

This is seriously the cutest tool set! I love that it has colors for both boys and girls, because my daughter used to love playing with tool sets too, which makes this one so perfect for boys and girls!

Fort Building Kit:

Another fun problem solver and something to spark that imagination! This is perfect to grow with your kids too, and allows them to build whatever they want!

Rubble Crane:

Paw Patrol has been one of the most popular shows for many years now, and it is still going strong! Right now this is the 3rd best gift on amazon and has a fantastic deal! Someone may be getting this for Christmas.. shhhh....

Block Train:

This is probably one of the coolest toys I have seen in a long time. This is definitely my next purchase and I have seen and read so many amazing reviews for this one. It's a battery operation train that sets up these domino blocks so you don't have too. It's aboslutely amazing!

Pop-Up Tent: My kids have loved pop-up tents since they were babies, and they still do! They still get ours out and play with it. Such a great toy, especially for rainy days.

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