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The Path He Made For Me - He Provides!!

I love walking through trials with Jesus.. It is so encouraging to me and it is always building up my faith. My favorite part, is seeing my children experience these moments too, and to learn so young of what God can do for us. I am about to be very open and straight forward here, but I just have to share how amazing our God is, and how he truly never fails us. His word is alive and when we speak it out, we are speaking it over our lives, and it will happen!

Being a single mother of four children can be a pretty big financial hardship. At least a hardship for me. For my God, this is nothing, and he has proved that to me over and over again. I have had a few hard months of not fully understanding how or if I will be able to pay my bills or babysitters. I would go to God and ask Him, "Do I take off work and use my paid time off, or do I continue to work because money is coming?" One time, I felt him say "take off work." It was so needed, not just financially, but mentally, physically, and spiritually. I am very fortunate in my job to have paid leave so if I ever need time off, it won't affect my bank, and honestly it usually saves me money by not wasting gas or spending money for a babysitter. However, lately, he has been saying, "keep working." So I have continued to work, even if my bank account says otherwise. At the beginning of last month, I did my budget, and there was no way in the natural, that I could cover my expenses. But I know my God is bigger, and he supplies all of my needs according to His riches in glory!

Every month he has provided. I was blessed with a very generous blessing a couple months ago, that seriously helped me so much. That same month, I held a booth at my church for a women's conference and I was able to show and sell my products. I was beyond blessed and so many people bought, donated, and encouraged me so much. This month I worked one week not knowing how I would make it, how would I pay for my sitters, and I kid you not, that week I received a check in my mailbox that helped to cover my childcare expenses. The very next week, I was stuck in the same predicament and that week I received another check in my mailbox. Wow, I was just amazed at God. And no, it doesn't stop there. Just two days later, someone anonymously blessed me with a generous blessing and it is helping me to pay for this week right now.

God's word is so true. He is honestly teaching me so much in this season and to not depend on my own income, or anybody else, but to trust and depend on him alone. He is teaching me to focus on today, and know that he has prepared my days to come, with whatever I am needing, he will provide it. Because he provides ALL of my needs according to His riches in glory! I can walk out my days in full confidence and to know that he will make a way for me. He has my day covered, he has my bank account covered, he has my path ready for me, and it's just up to me to walk down that path. With Jesus right there next to me, showing me everything he has prepared for me and done for me.

What he has done for me, he will do for you. Trust that he has prepared your way too.

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