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Gift Ideas - Part 2 (For Girls 4-7 Years Old)

Welcome back to another gift idea blog! I want to make sure to include various ages and ideas for both boys and girls, that way all the parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles will have plenty of ideas to order the best gifts for their little ones! My goal is to have this series completed by Thanksgiving, so you can catch those Black Friday deals! Today we will be focusing on gift ideas for girls that are between 4-7 years old. And don't worry, I have the perfect little helper that will make sure these gifts are approved for that age!

These gifts that are listed below are all from amazon! They each have various colors, which is awesome so you can find the perfect color for your little girl! My daughter is obsessed with everything pink, so I automatically chose the pink ones for the pictures. I really hope you all enjoy todays blog and that these ideas are helpful to you!

Gymnastics Folding Balance Beam:

I feel like gymnastics at this age range is so popular these days, and I know my daughter (and honestly, all my kids) would absolutely love to have one of these! The best part about it, is that it will fold up and can be easily stored.

Gymastics folding balance beam for kids

Claw Machine:

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with wanting to win something from the claw machine, and being able to have my own mini version would have been so neat! This Claw Machine comes with a power cord, or you can install batteries. It is great to use for fun or you can even use for a birthday party and fill it with other prizes!

Min claw machine for kids and birthday parties

Dance Mat: Who else remembers going to the arcade or movie theatre and seeing one of those dance games and wanting to try it? This dance mat is perfect practice to find your rhythm! Not only that, but an easy and convenient clean-up for parents.

kids light up dance mat with music

Unicorn Bath Spa:

My daughter is obsessed with bath bombs and all things girlie! She loves a good pamper night with her mommy. This set is even better because it is Unicorns, and they have little surprises inside!

unicorn bath bomb spa for girls

Light Up Karaoke Machine:

This was a gift my daughter received for her birthday a few months ago, and wow, she loves this thing! It has different voice sounds you can use, and it can play pretty loud. It is rechargeable and easy to move around. I even had a little fun with this.. ;p

light up karaoke microphone machine

Unicorn Hatching Eggs:

We already know how fun those bath bombs were with the surprises inside but check out these hatching eggs! These are so fun to watch and check on as you allow them to grow in water and hatch little unicorns.

unicorn hatching eggs for kids

Adjustable Bar & Mat:

You can never have enough gymnastics in your life. This Bar and Mat is a little more on the bulky side, but if you have room for it, the bar is perfect for your little girl and allows it to grow with them with its adjustable levels.

adjustable gymnastics bar and mat for kids

Washable Real Make-up:

I remember being a little girl and wanting a make-up set so bad! I am pretty sure I asked for one every birthday and Christmas. This make up set is the perfect gift idea and comes with a little bit of everything, but also a cute little case to store it all so you can easily put it away (it's also washable).

washable real make up for girls

My First Sewing Kit: This one I am so excited to buy this year for my daughter. She is such a creative little girl, and sewing is an awesome skill to have. I honestly wish I was a little bit better at it. I know this will be so fun to do with my daughter and be the perfect mommy and daughter activity.

my first sewing kit for kids

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