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The Harvest

The last year or two, has been a major time of sowing. I have sowed not only in my life, but also my children. Raising Little Warriors started because of this season of sowing and seeing the fruits of it and how much it has impacted us. God first gave me this name (Raising Little Warriors) about a year ago. I honestly had no idea what it was for, but I knew it was to tell our story and share what the Lord has done in our lives. This past week was a bit challenging but also very inspiring to me. I was able to see the harvest and see the seeds that I sowed come to life.

This past Monday I caught a nasty illness, which led to me leaving work early and coming home to lay next to my toilet. My 4-year-old son heard me get sick, and he rushed into the bathroom and asked me if I was sick. As soon as he saw me, he laid his hands on my head and started praying, "All pain go away in Jesus Name! Satan leave mommy alone. I command healing in Jesus Name!". This was one seed that I made a point to practice with my kids over the last year. Every sickness, every ouchy, every pain, we spoke the word and commanded all pain to leave. This has honestly been a huge movement in our house now, and all the kids do it without skipping a beat. They inspire my faith and remind me to pray when I am hurt too.

Later that same day, my dad picked up my other two kids from school, and my 4-year-old laid on the couch with me. He continued to pray for me and kept offering me water and gave me his "magic kisses" to heal me. It brought tears to my eyes to see how much he cared and how much he leaned on God to heal me. Once the other two kids got home, they both came and hugged me and my oldest, who is 7, he immediately started to speak in tongues over me and released healing into my body. It was truly amazing to see how my children responded to me being sick, and how they knew exactly who to lean on. One of the best parts of it all, is that it worked. 20 minutes later, I was able to eat dinner and enjoy the rest of my evening with my kids and didn't feel anymore sickness.

It was such a great reminder to make sure I turn to the Lord for all my needs and healings. Seeing how quickly that worked after they started praying, and seeing how they went straight to Him first. They completely boosted my faith and reminded me to lean on God first, always!

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