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Praise Him in the Storm

The past couple of weeks, there has been so many attacks from the enemy in my family. But wow, the Lord is so good! We have experienced several different things happen with not only my household family, but also my extended family. We have dealt with so many things, some involving a lot or fear/worry of losing someone, loss of job, appliances breaking down, legal issues, sicknesses, grief over recent deaths, flat tires, rushed mornings and then just the normal hardships of everyday life. It has been such an emotional rollercoaster for all of us lately. A lot of tears have been shed, fear trying to creep in, and frustration to say the least.

There is a lot that I can't fully go into detail on, but just know, it has been a rough one! But my God never fails! Each day we were experiencing something, God was showing up, He was coming through, He was guiding us, and doing miracles! My kids were some huge prayer warriors lately too. We called home the lost, we called forth job opportunities, we spoke healing, and even told appliances to work in Jesus Name! We command traffic to part, and increased income for tires. There was so much that was happening, but we got down on our knees and gave him every bit of honor, glory and praise! Despite what we saw with our natural eyes, we knew who the true master was and who was taking care of each and every little or big thing. Even though fear tried to creep in, we said no to the fear of man, and said "we trust YOU Jesus!". Let me tell you, the lost was found, jobs are coming, appliances are now working, legal issues are going, sickness is gone, tires are fixed, traffic parted like the red sea, and there is peace for the grief. We experienced instant miracles, and some that are just around the corner. My kids know who to depend on, they know who to go too, and they saw first-hand what our amazing Father will do for us. They saw how much he loves us and how he answered us. They saw us depend on him, even in the scariest of moments. I am just in awe at God right now, he is so good.

Rather you have kids or not, I just want to encourage you, do not fear or be worried. Trust in Him! You may not see it all, it may not make sense, and you may not understand why this has happened, but trust that God is in control, and He will make a way. It may not be the way you are asking for or planned for, but it's for a divine purpose and plan. If you give it to him, he will open the doors, he will speak to you on where to go and what to do. He won't fail you if you give him the wheel. Stop being a backseat driver and trying to move the car, let God drive it and take you to the destination. He has you! And for those who do have kids, what a testimony to them, to see their parents fully surrendered to the Lord and allowing Him to lead. It's so important to show them at a young age, so as they go, they know exactly who to go too.

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