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Jesus in October

This October we spent this month so much different then how we have spent it the previous years. I feel like Halloween can be such a touchy subject at times, but it has been a big eye opener for me. This post is in no way convincing anyone how to celebrate October, but just my personal experience. I grew up celebrating Halloween, I would trick or treat, watch scary movies, and binge out on candy. But now in my adult years, I can see the darkness in Halloween and how it's the perfect playground for the enemy. If satan can get into our minds, and allow us to believe and think certain things, then he has an advantage on us. That is something I strongly believe now, especially over the last year. I have been struggling with the idea of giving up Halloween for quite a few years now, especially with my kids, because I had so many memories from it when I was a kid. But when I look back, I can see how much the enemy used that against me, and all the scary dreams I would have or thoughts that would creep into my mind. So last year, the day after Halloween, I told my kids that this would be the last year we celebrate Halloween. I explained to them the conviction the Holy Spirit gave me and how we cannot glorify the Lord when we are participating in something that is celebrating the devil and all the evil things. I was pretty astonished at my kids response. They immediately agreed and did not want to celebrate Halloween anymore. God completely walked me through it too, because I was pretty nervous about bringing that topic up, and thinking that they would be really bummed. The Holy Spirit always gives us the right words and timing to bring up hard conversations and I felt so led by God in that moment.

Since we did not celebrate Halloween this year, I really wanted to find a way that my kids can still dress up and eat candy. Last weekend I put together a Harvest Party and invited all of our friends and family. The Lord gave me this awesome idea of doing a scavenger hunt with using scriptures to help us find the candy. It was honestly so beautiful and fun! The kids had so much fun, and I loved that they were able to glorify God and speak out his word as they searched for the candy.

We also did a scavenger hunt to win some big candy bars! I passed out this paper for them to check off random items they could find around the house and whoever got the most points, won! We may have had a bit of a candy overload, but man, it was so much fun! The food was amazing too. I am not only blessed with some of the sweetest friends and family in my life, but also amazing cooks!

If the Lord is ever guiding you into a direction, just trust him. Even if it seems scary or you are worried about letting go of something. He is such an awesome God, and his plans for you are way better than you could ever imagine! The response and meaning in this party we had, it was far greater than any Halloween I have ever celebrated. I am so grateful that the Lord led me in this direction, and I am so excited for the years to come for us to do this again.

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