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FALL in Love with Jesus - With your Kids Included

If you are from Texas, then I am sure you are enjoying our Texas fall weather we are having. It is the perfect weather to start opening windows and letting that beautiful breeze in. It still may be a little too hot for some hot chocolate, but it doesn't stop my kids. We had an amazing Monday this week and really took some time to fall in love with Jesus.

My 6-year-old daughter just came back from her dad's house and one of the first things she asked me was, "Mommy, can we drink hot coco and read the bible." She was beyond excited and wanted to pretend she was drinking coffee like her mommy and reading her bible. It was honestly such a precious time with her, and to see how eager she was to learn and spend time with Jesus was so beautiful.

As I was reflecting on the time I spent with her, it was such a great reminder how we can spend time with God and our kids at the same time. I think I sometimes get caught up in the alone time with God, that I forget how I can get filled up with my kids right there next to me. It is such a great opportunity to fill yourself up, and sow seeds into your kids life. You are helping them establish that firm foundation and their relationship with God.

I encourage you this week, to have a date with Jesus, you, and your kids. Or if your kids are grown, ask your grandkids, a friends kid, whoever you know. Set a date with some hot coco, your bibles and maybe even a journal and just dive into the word together, talk about what you are reading and what the Lord is speaking to you. These are moments they will never forget, and seeds that will harvest for many years.

Below are a few items to make your date with Jesus just a little more fun!

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